TUS International officially released Shanghai Cloud Control Demonstration Project and Cooperation Program for L3/L4 China Standard


May 16, 2019, NDRC, TUS International, SAIC, Huawei, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent join the seminar on innovation and development of Intelligent Vehicle industry, hosted by SDIC in Beijing. TUS International’s President Sean Shen and TUS Cloud’s CEO Li Jiawen, COO Xuan Zhiyuan and CTO Zhao Xiaoyu attended the seminar.

In this meeting, TUS International officially released the Shanghai Cloud Control Demonstration Project and Cooperation Program for L3/L4 China Standard to build a Chinese-charactered intelligent vehicle industry based on cloud control.

The cloud control infrastructure provides core capabilities for intelligent vehicle industry innovation. The platform is a basic platform for intelligent driving to provide collaborative sensing, collaborative decision-making and collaborative control services through “people-vehicle-road-cloud computing autonomous driving solutions”. The cloud control infrastructure platform adopts a self-controllable, secure and reliable cloud control basic software system to build a logically unified, physically dispersed cloud computing center, standard and shared basic data center to infuse data generated by people, vehicles, infrastructure, traffic environment, etc. The basic data fusion provides support for R&D and manufacturing, traffic operation and management, application services of intelligent vehicles.

The Shanghai Cloud Control Demonstration Project is a comprehensive demonstration project of “vehicle-road-cloud computing autonomous driving solutions” based on the intelligent vehicle cloud control basic platform. This project is awarded by NDRC as “Made-in-China Core Competence Enhancing Project 2019”. The Shanghai Cloud Control Demonstration Project includes city road of 51.8 km in Jiading District Shanghai and expressway of 20 km from Hongqiao Airport to Shanghai Auto City. The project will be completed in December 2019.

TUS International will standardize the design, construction, implementation and commercial operation of the cloud control infrastructure platform system after completing this demonstration project. TUS International will promote such standard and provide support for the innovation of industrial form and business model, and builds a integrated intelligent automobile industry ecosystem.