TUS International will launch automotive millimeter wave radar business, to offer comprehensive automotive ADAS solutions


TUS International is pleased to announce that on 28 Aug 2018, a joint venture company will be established in Germany, to launch radar business in order to consummate the comprehensiveness and systematises of the Group’s ADAS products, and to improve the research and development, to ensure the Group’s ADAS business continues to grow.

The JV company will be established in Munich, Germany. The JV Partners are individuals with extensive technological knowledge and experience in the radar area, and will set up a team around 20 persons including software and hardware development. The JV company will supply its automotive millimeter wave radar products to the INVO (a subsidiary of the group) as a Tier 2 supplier, and support the INVO to develop algorithm of automotive millimetre wave radar applications. The INVO will also establish the production of millimeter wave radar in China, that way, TUS International will be able to offer ADAS solutions based on sensor fusion of radar and camera vision.

Automotive millimeter wave radar is an essential sensor for ADAS and autonomous driving, especially the requirements for mandatory adoption of automatic emergency braking system for commercial vehicles will come to effect in April 2019 in China, therefore the needs for ADAS solution with sensor fusion involving camera and millimeter wave radar and autonomous driving solutions will be vigorous.

So far, China’s difficulties in developing millimeter wave radar are lacking software algorithm and hardware design ability, and severely depend on foreign chip manufacturing companies and lack of economical test equipment. The JV company can also obtain more direct and powerful radar software and hardware development support from Infineon, in the meantime, Germany has plentiful software and hardware developing talents regarding radar development.

The Group can leverage from existing ADAS sales network in China to promote the radar solutions from the JV Company and ADAS solutions based on sensor fusion of radar and camera vision, to constantly promote the Group's market portion in China.