TUS International Limited on Participation And Initiation National Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Research Institute


TUS International Limited on Participation

And Initiation National Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Research Institute

(4th December 2017, Hong Kong) TUS International Limited (“TUS International” or the “Company”, stock code: 872.HK; together with its subsidiaries, the “TUS International Group” or the “Group”) acting on behalf of Tsinghua University, will collaborate with the Society of Automotive Engineers of China and other related units to launch the non-profitable Beijing National Intelligent and Connected Vehicle (“ICV”) Technology Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Research Institute"). Leveraging the China Industry Innovation Alliance for ICVs, the Research Institute shall position as the innovation hub as well as a national research and development center for national intelligent and connected vehicles. The Research Institute will also act as a public platform for innovative services and base for nurturing industry experts. Through its serving as a technical hub and thorough understanding of the industry, the Institute will play a leading role in promoting China Intelligent and Connected Vehicles’ technological research, building the industrial ecosystem, and define industry standards and protocols for autonomous driving and vehicle connectivity.

TUS International actively involves in developing technology and solutions for ICVs. Our participation in the establishment of the Research Institute does not only highly synchronizes with the business strategy of TUS International, but also persistently inject impetus as it progresses into the field of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles.

Acting as the technical hub of the industry, the Research Institute closely links with technology and industry chain. On the one hand, it will actively anchor with institutes of higher learning, scientific research institutes and technology enterprises, ascertain the technology requirements of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles, continue to accumulate technical expertise on industry level and also nurture scientific research personnel. On the other hand, it will confront with automobile OEMs, suppliers of automotive parts and cross-border enterprises, to fully comprehend the market's technology requirements and other resources as necessitated, and commercialise its technology findings.


Extended Reading

China Industry Innovation Alliance for the Intelligent and Connected Vehicles

In order to accelerate the national strategy for Intelligent and Connected Vehicles, on 12 June 2017, the China Industry Innovation Alliance for the Intelligent and Connected Vehicles was established, through the leading effort of Ministry of Industry and Information.  This alliance aims to integrate cross-sectoral resources, promote in-depth intermingling for Intelligent and Connected Vehicles, promote industry synergy innovation, and enhance international exchanges and cooperation. The alliance has been an important platform for promoting the development of Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Industry. As entrusted by the Ministry of Industry and Information, the alliance has joined effort with more than 40 automotive related corporations and enterprises, nearly hundred experts, in compilation and completion of “The Route map for Intelligent and Connected Vehicles”, which will perform an important guiding function for China Intelligent and Connected Vehicle in both areas of automotive technology and industrial development. At present, the first batch members of the alliance comprise more than 100 well-known authoritative corporations and enterprises. The main initiators include Society of Automotive Engineers of China, China Association of Automobile Manufactures, Tsinghua University, Automotive Research Center, Automotive Research Institute, Information and Communication Institute, Highway Institute of Ministry of Communication, Wuxi’s Ministry of Public Security, as well as plenty of large-scale domestic automotive enterprises.