TUS and Mr. Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan of the United States, and the Michigan delegation discussed the collaboration on technology innovation, connected vehicles and smart mobility


On 1 Aug 2017, Mr. Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan of the United States and the Michigan delegation visited TusPark in Beijing. Mr. Ma Chi Kong Karl (Chairman of TUS International), Mr. Du Peng (Executive Director of TUS International) and Mr. Yang Ming (COO of TUS International) received the delegation. In the meeting, TUS, Mr. Rick Snyder and the delegation had an in-depth discussion regarding the collaboration between TUS and the Michigan State in different aspects, and agreed to focus on technology innovation, connected vehicles, smart mobility and artificial intelligence and to expand the strategic cooperation plan in Michigan.

Mr. Ma briefly introduced TUS International in the meeting. TUS International headquartered in Hong Kong and is committed to becoming an industry leader in Smart Connected Vehicles (“SCV”) solutions for seamless connectivity between vehicles and cloud, and the key enabler in the SCV ecosystem, and will focus on connected vehicles solutions, autonomous driving and to construct an innovative system of smart mobility. Mr. Ma proposed that the collaboration between TUS and Michigan in five aspects – first, to carry out business of smart vehicles and intelligent transportation in Michigan, promote R&D and investments on these areas, and building a platform utilising Chinese and US technology and providing related services, and share the experience in developing the standards of smart mobility; second, to strengthen the collaboration with the University of Michigan, including establishment of the Chinese-US technology incubation base with venture capital equipped to promote transfer of technology in higher education institutes, and focuses on research areas in smart mobility and intelligent manufacturing; third, to closely collaborate with Spark Accelerator on constructing a long term cross-border cooperative mechanism of innovation network and a highway for collaboration between the two countries in respect of technology, funds and services; fourth, to establish TUS-Michigan science park on the foundation of TusStar (Ann Arbor) incubator; fifth, to promote collaboration of Tsinghua University and the University of Michigan to jointly nurture talents, conduct innovative research in connection with vehicle technology, and establish the ecosystem of technology and related services.

Mr. Rich Snyder believed that Tus Holdings has extensive experiences on facilitating the transformation of technological achievement and wished that the Michigan team and TUS team would actively explore and learn from each other in context of politics, law and culture between China and the US. He used the “Planet M” and “Mcity” projects as examples to illustrate the leadership of Michigan in the area of automotive networking and smart mobility, and expressed the expectation of a broader and deeper collaboration with TUS. Mr. Rich Snyder said, “We hope that we can enjoy a more intelligent way of life. We would like to the share our technology and wish to collaborate with outstanding enterprises. Now we are in the discussion with Canada, Germany and other countries on collaboration aiming at expanding our collaboration network. In the future, we will propose worldwide standards for smart mobility, assisting with the development of intelligent vehicles and the related industries.”

Before the meeting, Mr. Yang briefly introduced Tus Holdings to the delegation. As a holding corporation managing assets with the value over 30 billion US dollars and a controlling shareholder/ shareholder of over 800 enterprises, Tus Holdings has established the world largest and unique global innovative ecological system with over 200 innovative business bases and has provided incubation services to over 5000 enterprises. Adhering to the “Triple Helix”, a cluster based innovative theory, Tus Holdings created an incubation model which consists of “incubation services + financial investment + entrepreneurship training + open platform” and a whole-industry-chain financial service system, and invests in and operates leading corporations in environmental protection, new energy, healthcare, new materials and other strategic emerging industries in China. TUS has strengths and brilliant results in technology transfer, start-up project incubation and nurturing innovation talents.

Members of the Michigan delegation include Mr. Brian Connors, Executive Director of the Michigan-China Innovation Center, Mr. Kevin Kerrigan, Senior Vice President of Automotive Office and Senior Automotive Adviser to the State of Michigan with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Ms. Weiwei Lv, International Trade Development Manager of Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Ms. Courtney Henderson, Business Development Manager of Michigan-China Innovation Center, Ms. Allison Scott, Executive Director of the Office of Governor of Michigan, Ms. Katelyn Wilcox, Assistant Chief of Protocol of Michigan Economic Development Corporation and others.

Mr. Wang Jiwu, Chairman of Tus Holdings, Mr. Zhang Jinsheng, Vice President of Tus Holdings and Chairman of TusStar, Mr. Wang Shiqi, Vice President of the Tus Digital Group, Mr. Liu Xueliang, Deputy General Manager of Tus Star, Mr. Ni Zhi, General Manager of Tus Star-Michigan Incubator and others participated in the meeting.

TUS received Mr. Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan of the United States, and the Michigan delegation