• Finance Lease Business

    We completed the acquisition of Optimus Financial Group Limited, which is principally engaged in the business of providing car trading and finance lease of motor vehicles and equipment via its subsidiaries, in December 2015. In the second half of 2016, we have made significant progress in increasing and diversifying the leasing portfolio in order to cover automobile inventory financing and equipment financing.

  • Car-carried Purifier Business

    Suzhou Yadu Cloud Technology Co. Limited (“Yadu Cloud”) is specialised in research and development of car-carried purifiers and related air technology. We have made capital contribution to Yadu Cloud. Pending the capital contribution from our joint venture partner and approvals from authorities, Yadu Cloud will be in a position to commence businesses of the development, manufacturing, distribution and sales of car-carried purifier in due course and we expect that the formal transfer of the car-carried purifier business from Yadu Environmental Protection Technology Co. Limited to Yadu Cloud, which being one of the conditions precedent to the capital increase, will be completed in the first half of 2017.

  • Investment in Tuspark Global

    We are holding 28.57% of the issued share capital of Tuspark Global Limited (“Tuspark Global”). Tuspark Global, via its subsidiaries, is principally engaged in the operation and management of workhubs and innovation hubs and ancillary business in Hong Kong and the PRC. The Board is of the view that the future prospects of Tuspark Global will be promising, and the subscription offers an opportunity for the Group to further participate in such business.

  • Investment in Ziguang Innovative

    We propose to acquire 14% of equity interest of Suzhou Ziguang Innovative Education Development Company Limited (“Ziguang Innovative”, and together with its subsidiaries the “Ziguang Innovative Group”). Among the various businesses operations, Ziguang Innovative Group, through the west zone of Suzhou TUS Modern Science City( 蘇州啟迪時尚科技城), is primarily engaged in the research and development of new technology and the provision of innovation hubs by leasing office spaces to newly set-up companies in return of rental incomes. The Directors believe that synergies would be created through the sharing of resources between the Group’s existing businesses and that of Suzhou TUS Modern Science City. It is also expected that the acquisition will further strengthen the Group’s presence and network in the businesses of technology innovation incubators. This transaction is in the progress of completion subject to the approvals required under the application PRC laws and regulations to be obtained.

  • Investment in Suzhou Zhihua

    We are holding 6% equity interest in Suzhou Zhihua Automobile Electronics Co., Ltd. (“Suzhou Zhihua”, and together with its subsidiaries the “Suzhou Zhihua Group”). The Suzhou Zhihua Group focuses on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and has achieved satisfactory development in camera surround view parking assistance systems, lane departure warning systems (LDW), forward collision warning systems (FCW), and other ADAS related technologies. The clientele of Suzhou Zhihua consists of a number of major domestic automakers with several best-selling models in China. In addition, pursuant a co-operation agreement, we also proposed to provide financial assistance in the total amount of RMB40.0 million to Suzhou Zhihua, and the grant of an option by Suzhou Zhihua to us pursuant to which the Group shall be entitled to (should it choose to) contribute to the capital increase of Suzhou Zhihua, representing around 17.5% equity interest in Suzhou Zhihua (as enlarged by the proposed subscription in the capital increase of Suzhou Zhihua pursuant to the relevant agreement).

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