TUS International Limited is principally engaged in the smart mobility business and actively expanding into the advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and smart mobility solutions fields. At present, Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tsinghua University, is the single largest shareholder of TUS International; and the latter is the international investment arm of Tus-Holdings and its significant listed platform in Hong Kong.

The two major competitive advantages owned by TUS International includes: (1) The Group receives the full support from Tsinghua University and its rich resources, including the university’s technological accumulation, the long-term cooperation foundation with the core enterprises in the automotive ecology, as well as Tsinghua University’s technological and ecological services, business incubation and establishment capability. “TUS” in the name of the company is the abbreviation of “Tsinghua University Science Park”; and (2) The management team is experienced, and forging ahead with the intelligent and connected vehicles business. The Group has established an international M&A team, which is actively seeking M&A opportunities in the domestic automobile industry, at the same time evaluates overseas (especially the United States and Europe) automobile acquisition opportunities and strives to expand the related businesses in the China market. The Group will continue to leverage Tsinghua’s reputation, technologies and talent pool and actively implement the intelligent and connected automotive strategies outlined in Made in China 2025 to become a leading enterprise in the smart mobility sector and guide the construction of an industrial ecosystem.

The Company believes that the ADAS industry is technology-driven. The support from Tsinghua University has allowed TUS International to form better connection with scientific research teams of domestic and overseas institutions of higher learning as well as integrate domestic and overseas resources. Leverage Tsinghua’s reputation, technologies and talent pool, TUS International has actively implemented the intelligent and connected vehicles strategies outlined in “Made in China 2025” to become a leading enterprise in the intelligent driving sector. As for the provision of ADAS products and solutions, the Group will strengthen the R&D and promotion of multi-sensory fusion and collective sensory, establish and maintain a sound quality management system, and develop products that fulfill higher-level intelligent driving requirements. At the same time, the Group will develop towards L3 and L4 solutions relying on the ADAS systems business of Suzhou Zhihua, create conditional auto-driving solutions and eventually provide core hardware, software and systems for full-stack intelligent driving, i.e. comprehensive AI capabilities from sensory to decision-making to control and actuation. On the other hand, the Group will promote the connected vehicle concepts of ADAS systems to establish vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication. By forming a big data cloud platform, the Group will integrate vehicle data, environmental data and public data, as well as achieve V2V and V2X information interchange, coordinated sensory, , and algorithms of coordinated decision-making and control, in order to provide more comprehensive intelligent driving and smart mobility solutions. The Company will rely on the AI technology of ADAS systems to promote intelligent and connected automotive ecological reforms and become a major services in this field.