TUS International Limited is a leading tier one provider of ADAS solutions in China as well as a provider of city-level autonomous driving cloud control solutions. We are dedicated to developing the full-stack autonomous driving system (which consists of deep learning artificial intelligence and the next generation in-vehicle computing platform), and also the vehicle-cloud computing autonomous driving solutions. The Company has been actively implementing China’s strategy of intelligent connected vehicles. The Group, on one hand, unites leading enterprises of the industry and responds to the promotion of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to establish the National Innovation Center of Intelligent Connected Vehicles. On the other hand, the Group is also actively participating in the preparation of the innovation platform of intelligent connected vehicles under the National Development and Reform Commission.

Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd.,is the single largest shareholder of TUS International; and the latter is the international investment arm of Tus-Holdings and its significant listed platform in Hong Kong.