About TUS-I


TUS International Limited (“TUS International”, and its subsidiaries (collectively, the “Group”) is principally engaged in automobile related businesses and strives to establish the smart mobility business. Tus-Holdings Co. Ltd. (“Tus-Holdings”), a subsidiary of Tsinghua University, became the single largest shareholder of TUS International since June 2015. The name of the company has also been changed since early 2016. TUS International is the international investment arm of Tus-Holdings and its significant listed platform in Hong Kong.

TUS International has completed a comprehensive business review. In the restructuring process, TUS International has disposed of the traditional automobile part manufacturing and sales businesses, and has developed towards ADAS and smart and connected vehicles solutions. The company believes that the development of information technology is reshaping the automobile industry in a way that transportation and travelling is moving towards smart and connected vehicles. Backed by Tsinghua University, TUS International is driving the core smart and connected vehicle technologies in China’s national strategy of “Made in China 2025”, strive to become an intelligent driving and solution provider which connects automobiles and the cloud seamlessly, and lead the ecological construction of smart and connected automobile. The two major competitive advantages owned by the Group includes: (1) The Group receives the full support from Tsinghua University and its rich resources, including the university’s technological accumulation, the long-term cooperation foundation with the core enterprises in the automotive ecology, as well as Tsinghua University’s technological and ecological services, business incubation and establishment capability. “TUS” in the name of the company is the abbreviation of “Tsinghua University Science Park”; and (2) The management team is experienced, and forging ahead with the smart-connected vehicles business. The Group has established an international M&A team, which is actively seeking M&A opportunities in the domestic automobile industry, at the same time evaluates overseas (especially the United States and Europe) automobile acquisition opportunities and strives to expand the related businesses in the China market.

The Group strives to be an internationally leading smart mobility system provider and join automobiles and the cloud seamlessly with the support of Tsinghua University, and lead the ecology building strategy of the industry. Since March 2017, the Group has acquired the equity interests in Suzhou Zhihua Automobile Electronics Company Limited, an advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) provider, by phases through a series of agreements. On one hand, TUS International shall cooperate with Suzhou Zhihua and hopes to lead the development of China’s smart and connected automobile system, transfer the existing auxiliary solutions into multi-sensor comprehensive solutions, develop the millimeter radar product via R&D, and through the international M&A team of the Company to explore the overseas investment opportunities in the automobile industry. On the other hand, TUS International will incorporate the “5G+ High Precision Map” national technological innovation strategy. Backed by the reputation of Tsinghua University and through the accumulation of technology to become a core technology provider, TUS International will strive to establish the national smart and connected vehicles cloud platform (which is expected to become a core “information infrastructure” in the smart and connected vehicle era) and drive the development of the smart mobility ecological chain including the concepts of V2X.